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Old Basing

Old Basing

30 years of Stair Spindle and Newel Post copying

Explanation of terms

Stair Spindle.

This is the upright timbers that fit between the Handrail and Baserail, usually two per step, also known as Stair Baluster or Stick.

Stair Baluster
Baluster is the original name for a Stair Spindles

Stair stick
Another name for a Stair Spindle, more of a nick name usually used by Builders.

Newel Post
The Main Posts at the ends of the Staircase or wherever a Hand Rail is to be fixed.

Box Newel Post
Does the same job as a Lathe turned Post but made as a Box with a hollow core which allows for panels or decorative patterns to be made on the sides.

Base Newel
The square section at the bottom of a Newel Post which is attached to the Stair String.

The timber that fits between the Newel Posts at a minimum of 900mm high

The original name for a Handrail

This is the name that represents the whole finished section of Posts, Spindles and Hand Rails.

Stair Tread
The actual steps that form the Stair Case.

Stair Riser
This is the upright timber that fits under the Stair Tread.

Stair String
This is the timber plank that forms the side of the Stair Case which is then called a
closed String Stair Case.

Cut String
When the outer plank is cut so that the Treads run over the String and the Spindles sit directly on the Tread rather than in to a Base Rail.

Open Riser
This is the term used for a Staircase that has only part of a Riser under each Tread so that the light passes through the Stairs, the gap can not exceed 100mm to comply with building regs, some customers ask for the whole Riser to be left out but this is not possible.

Cap or Finial
The decorative top fitted to Newel Posts.

Drop Finial
The same as a Cap but fitted to the bottom of a Base Post when it protrudes below the Ceiling.

Roof Finial
A piece of timber that is fitted at the apex of a gable end Roof which joins the two Barge Boards together, usually with Finials on both ends.

Porch Post
The Same as Newel Posts but for decorative Victorian Porch’s

Porch frontage

The decorative assembly that was fitted to the top of Victorian Porch’s, usually with a curved Rail and small Spindles.

Square turned Spindle or Post

Square turned Spindles have a profile cut on each of the four sides and is not turned on a normal Lathe.

Closed String Stair Case