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Old Basing

30 years of Stair Spindle and Newel Post copying

To obtain a Quote for Copying your existing Stair Spindles and Newel Posts, send a Email with a Photo of you're existing Spindle or Post and include the following information.

Please include a tape measure held along side of the Spindle or Post when taking the photo’s, this allows us to read off the dimensions for laying out the design of the pattern section.

Ideally we need one complete photo and three close ups showing the top middle and bottom of the Spindle or Post, please ensure the tape measure does not move between photo’s.

Please follow this link to determine what type of Stair Spindles you currently have.

Your Name and Address

Your Telephone Number

The Length and thickness of the Spindle or Post

The Quantity required

The type of Timber to be used (Pine, Poplar, Douglas Fir, Beech,  Oak, Ash, Sapele, Cherry etc.)

We usually supply a Quote within 24 hrs.

For any info call Andy on 07986745805.

TELEPHONE  01256 768664

MOBILE 07986745805

Web site: www.old-basing.co.uk

Email: thestairguy@gmail.com

History of Stair Spindle production

Almost all of the Stair Spindles and Newel Posts that are found in pre 1950’s houses were made in the local area and not mass produced which means it is almost impossible to find a match off the shelf.

Spindles and Posts were made using a Rotary Knife Lathe which was time consuming and costly to set up, typically eight to ten hours for a Spindle design, although they were very versatile and could achieve very small details and 90 degree cuts.

The machines weren’t produced after the mid seventies because they were dangerous to use and of course the introduction of the modern copy Lathes meant they could only be cost effective for large amounts of Spindles.

The copy Lathes of today can be set up in around an hour and gives a smoother finish to the items, although on rare occasions they can’t replicate certain details, this is because they use a pointed cutter to cut the item whereas the Rotary Lathes had cutters made for each specific detail on the Spindle.

90% of Spindle designs can be made with no problems but occasionally period Spindles had square shoulders, which are ninety degree cuts where the pattern starts and stops, which is where the square ends of the Spindle leads in to the pattern, in this case the square cuts are inserted by hand.

We have around 3000 different Stair Spindle and Newel Post templates collected over the past thirty years with new ones arriving every week.

Term and conditions of Copying Posts and Spindles.

Copied Spindles can be up to 100% the same as the original but the limitations of the copying process means certain details cannot be replicated exactly, in these cases the Spindles and Posts will be supplied as close to a match as we can produce.

We can make a far closer copy if you have an existing Spindle to send to us.

     Copying of Stair Spindles & Newel Posts  

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