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How much does it cost to copy a Spindle or Post

As a general guide the costs excluding vat are as follows.

Made from best quality Redwood Pine

(32mm up to 45mm Spindles - larger sizes available)

Spindle pattern copy template £15

Newel Post copy template £17

900mm long      10 to 15 Spindles £6.50 each     over 15 £6 each

1000mm Spindles      10 to 15 £6.75 each       over 15 £6.25 each

1100mm Spindles        10 to 15 £7 each          over 15 £6.50 each

Square shoulders to Spindles 95p each

Pin top Spindles add 50p each

Bottom Finials to Spindles £2.00 each

(70mm up to 95mm Newel Posts)

Newel Post with bottom fixing spigot £50 each

Newel Post with integral bottom block up to 1280mm long £50 each

600mm Base Newel £18 each (longer available)

Please enquire for prices regarding matching Handrails and Baserails or larger Spindles and Posts and other types of Timber.